It is a common thing for a musician to use a musical instrument. It is a common thing for a consumer to use a comsumer-targeted computer. It is also very common to try using things "as we feel they are" in attempt to improve the quality of our lives. Some times we may think we are satisfied with answers and solutions that we already have. But it is nevertheless common, attempting to scratch beyond surface of fascination with innovation in quest for understanding what those things really are, and how can they contribute to our creativities. Some times this also deals with breaking silent barriers of common sense and daily professional routines. The challenge of how computer sound research and visualization can contribute to the creativity of music composition is the topic of this project. We reached some answers, but also many more open questions. In hope this will encourage curiosity and communication among artistic, research and educational subjects in this cultural space, the results of this pilot-project are being submitted to the powers of public evaluation, and we hope for the cultural benefit of this community.

Keeping an activity alive always presumes a functional infrastructure of any kind. An infrastructure "feeds" on the undrestanding of those who are willing to provide with appropriate resources. As a lively infrastructure with a healthy vertical profile did not seem yet to exist here in this area, it somehow looked logical, democratical and inexpensive to start it on the web. Please, feel free to browse this site, and submit your feedback to the administrator. You will have our gratitude: