This project has only one product: free dissemination of knowledge, open source software* and information** in the field of computer application for sound analysis and visuailsation in composition.

This project gives only one service: connecting people, institutions and initiatives in the field of computer music

**The aforementioned software is being disseminated under terms and conditions of GNU General Public License and GNU Lesser General Public License, unless otherwise indicated

*The aforementioned information is being disclosed under terms and conditions of GNU Free Documentation License, unless otherwise indicated


By terms of computer aplication is understood how to use a computer in a task that is computer-specific (i.e. not playing a CD, or recording a phone answering machine hold tune)


By terms of sound analysis is understood computation and extraction of specific numerical parameters which contribute to particualr qualities of a sound.


Visualisation is more than a plain computer graphic. It deals with temporal and spatial distribution of information, in this case sound analysis related information.


Music composition is the final aim, what it all should serve for.

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